POLL: How many indoor plants would you put in your bedroom?

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January 9, 2019
last modified: January 24, 2019

Indoors plants have fantastic air-purifying abilities, and can add to the aesthetic of a space. As we mentioned in this story, some indoor plants actually release oxygen at night, which helps keep the air clean. However, there is a divided opinion as to whether they should be in the bedroom.

We want to know how many, if any, plants you would put in your bedroom. Tell us your reasons in the Comments below.

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Comments (15)

  • bachelorliving
    Worried the plants would attract insects.
  • Kim Westwood

    We have upstairs bedrooms. Of a day they both get very hot even with windows opens. I live in the northern rivers NSW often with high humidity in summer & high temps. During the night the fans are working overtime. Doubt very much if any plants would survive that kind of environment so I will stick to the good faux plants for bedroom.

  • zsiedy

    It all depends on whether you're an early bird or night owl. I'm up everyday at dawn and have no need for window coverings which results in long hours of ample natural light. This has made it possible to grow many plants in the bedroom so I have 6 hoyas, an ivy, an anthurium and 2 orchids. If you are the kind of person that likes to sleep in late and has window coverings blocking light then you may find it difficult to grow plants successfully in the bedroom due to the short hours and low levels of light. There is a plant for virtually every situation and I will always love and grow plants in every room of the house!

  • berbieharmsen

    I'm with zsiedy. I would put as many as would successfully grow and look good.

  • Jo M

    How many plants would you need though to actually contribute to the oxygen levels in the room? I don't think plant is going to make much difference to air quality. I imagine you would need a room full of plants to have an impact. (Which would look really good imo but probably not practical.)

  • cathyleeper
    Usually have 2-3 in my room. A peace lily, a fern and often have something else on the go as well.
  • me me
    I live in the region as Kim Westwood so the same reasons apply to me. I also have the issue of not enough space for plants.
  • debanger3
    One big orchid plant, nothing more needed.
  • Susan Vale
    Not for me. Too worried about creepy crawlies.
  • Susan McMahon

    If you're worried about creepy-crawlies, look up demodex……….they are little critters that live in your eyebrow follicles (yes, YOURS!) and come out at night to crawl over your face! Something that might live in a plant is nowhere near as nightmarish as that, imho!

  • olldroo

    How long is a piece of string?? Love the jungle look in any room of the house, including my bedroom. No idea what the creepy-crawlies are people are worried about, I've never had a problem with this, maybe the plants actually deter them. Can't comment on the purifying qualities, as my windows are only closed if the weather forces me to close them, but depending on where you live, maybe the outside air coming in needs purifying.

    Plants just make me calm and happy.

  • Annie
    I have 1 big Peace Lily in the bedroom and about 10 other plants in the adjoining en suite. They take anything - heat, cold, dry, direct sun and dark overshaded winter. With the bare modicum of care they always come up smiling and always make me smile. I think they would definitely help filter toxins from the air and the only time I've had any 'creepy crawlies' is if I put them outside for a while then bring them back in. And that was only some green caterpillars which didn't help the plant look good, but were easily enuf picked off and dumped into hot water
  • aps77710

    I have a spider plant in virtually every room plus a peace lily in my bedroom. They look really great and are meant to improve air quality. They don't attract bugs if kept indoors.

  • bachelorliving
    Gee, thanks!
  • Effie Gandy
    I used to have a Peace Lily, Philodendron, Succulent garden, a couple of ferns, Devil's Ivy and some grass plants in my bedroom. I currently don't have a bedroom that would support those kind of plants so I've cut back on them. I am planning on building a house that is specifically designed for plants (and lighting) in mind.
    They're so good for the bedroom, I would try to avoid pollen dispersing flowers though. My favourites are grasses, broadleaved plants, Succulents, bonsai for apartments, even small "indoor trees" (palms, ficus) if you have the space. Not only are there so many health benefits, but think about how you'll feel waking up every morning surrounded by nature and life. There are numerous studies about how much we benefit from being in nature, so there's no downside there.

    If you are getting bugs, you must be severely unfortunate. I've personally never had more than the occasional fly that one of my dogs let in. Unless, like others said, you rotate your plants outside.