Help with designing my living room (with pics)

January 14, 2019


I'm looking for any advice you may have, general or specific - colour schemes, pieces, styles, etc. I'm starting from (almost) a blank slate, and I'm on a budget and would like to take my time to shop around, pick up some bargains if I can.

This is my living room. It's a ~4*7m space with a bay window being the key feature. Almost everything existing is shades of white and beige. My only items are the rug and sofa.

Currently, it's looking like the rug will be the main focal point. I'm looking to, as a priority, add another sofa and arrange it in an L-shape on the rug, and a coffee table.

My main dilemma is the overall colour scheme, particularly in regard to the colour of the other sofa. I like the sofa I have, and don't want to replace it with a matching pair. Cream sofas are very common, but I don't know if adding another sofa in the same colour but not as a matching pair is a faux-pas. I could get a complimentary colour or a contrasting colour. I quite like the look of a blue/navy sofa, but I don't know if this would be too much colour/contrast in conjunction with the rug.

My thoughts on the style is provincial. I have in mind a marble coffee table.

Here's a couple of pictures of what I have in mind:


Coffee table

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  • julie herbert
    I think your rug is the real star in your room, instead of another couch you could add a feature chair, marble coffee and side tables with a metallic base, a beautiful floor lamp, keeping these in a light colour will highlight the rug beautifully.
  • julie herbert
    Then add some fabulous cushions , an ottoman for extra seating opposite chair (other side of coffee table) so it is low and doesn’t obscure view of room, group more plants with your other tall plant, could look stunning.
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  • dreamer
    You have a wonderful big room to work with. I would suggest another lounge, in what ever colour you like. Then bring accent chairs in, and cushions to blend your cream sofa with this colour. If you look at the colours in your rug, is there a colour that stands out, that you would like as a sofa? With a coffee table and corner freestanding lamp. A colourful painting on the wall. Just noticed, on your rug, is that a stain or a shadow. If a stain then ensure you get it professionally cleaned. All the best.
  • p_s_ppprrrrr

    The rug is red, cream and dark navy. My idea for a blue couch came from this. I'm not sure whether a contrasting color would be too bright since the rug is bright. What complementary colors would be good? BTW, my couch had fully removable covers so I can dye it any color I like.

    My thought for going with another sofa is just because the room is pretty big. I can fit a 3 seater across the length and a 2 seater on the width.

    I just washed the rug - it's wrinkled and has patches of color because I didn't dry it very well and may have used the wrong cleaning agent. I plan on washing it again

  • PRO
    Louise Antonello, Student of Design
    Have you thought about changing wall colour? Paint is a really inexpensive way to change a space.
    Some ideas might be a vivid teal or deep blue, inky hues.
    Especially with the large window, you have natural light to be able to take a darker hue.
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  • siriuskey

    I love your room , the colours, curtains, rug and lounge, You could add a tan leather sofa, or a couple of leather or heavy cane arm chairs, your carpet will work with any of the following it's a classic

  • dreamer
    In your post you said you were after a provincial look. You could bring in some accent chairs in that style and use throws and cushions in the blue from rug and the red also, to bring together.
    This is colours as Julie suggested. Visit your local second hand furniture store, they may have furniture pieces you can start with. I find sometimes rooms come together better over time. You will see things that are your style, and this will add to the room. Don't think you have to 'finish' the room straight away.
    And I agree with other post. Paint is an inexpensive way to change a room.
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  • p_s_ppprrrrr

    Julie, is there a name for this style of cushion?

  • julie herbert
    Hi p_s_
    They are Turkish Kilem cushions, look at pottery barn or try Ebay, they have some beautiful ones on there at the moment, they will love ok fabulous with your gorgeous rug.
  • julie herbert
    That should read they will look fabulous with your gorgeous rug.
  • julie herbert
    Hi p_s,
    These are just a few Turkish Kilim cushions available on EBay at the moment.
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  • p_s_ppprrrrr

    What are your thoughts on a chaise longue like this?

  • julie herbert
  • Sharon Barclay
    If you have a tight budget go to an auction, you can usually leave a bid, make a phone bid or buy on line.
    I saw a 3+1 Moran leather couch and chair go for $280 last week ( plus $25%) commission, it was in a fabulous condition.
    Mixing different styles, colours and ages will give you a more completed look.
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