Double desk layout - thoughts and advice!

January 17, 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice on study layout. We've just moved houses and are re-setting up our study. My husband and I both do a lot of work from home and spend a lot of time in the study so I'd really like to set up this room in a functional way that minimizes chaos. We both use laptops and external screen monitors so end up with a lot of wires, books etc everywhere!

Any suggestions for how others have laid out a two desk function in a room set up as attached? Powerpoints are on the wall opposite the window.

To complicate things, our desks are different designs but I'd be happy to buy new matching ones/ organise joinery.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts from the community on:

- Most functional layouts

- Desk suggestions/ joinery suggestions

- Filing cabinets that look nice!

- Thoughts on shelving vs. building in shelves

Thank you!

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  • dreamer
    Hi, I would suggest that you either get simple joinery installed. Just a long piece of mdf with legs, or inexpensive desks from a office supplier that are the same size. Put these on wall opposite window and ac wall. Purchase cabinet for books, lever arch files etc, and place on door wall. Get two comfortable single lounge chairs and place under window. The power points are always an issue. If you can get more installed that is a bonus, otherwise extension leads have to be used. If you install a long 600mm wide tabletop along both walls, as mentioned, this will give room for photocopier etc. Depends how you work as to whether you have open shelving or closed cupboards, only you know this.
  • dreamer
    Some inexpensive office pieces. Plus a wonderful home office.
  • dreamer
    Other inspiration photos.
  • oklouise

    if it's a rental i would invest in some tall modular bookshelves eg Ikea billy with combination of open shelves, solid or glass doors and shelves, space for printer and fax on top of matching filing cabinet and a chest of drawers for office supplies and set down counter spaces, wall shelves above the desks for books and reference materials, keep your original mismatched desks and buy some quality desk lamps and extension cords with circuit breakers and cable organisers to make sure you have the necessary power where it's needed.... if it's your own home i'd have the same furniture and invest in some extra power points, a dedicated phone line for fax and internet, and make sure you keep all receipts for your business tax and depreciation suggested floor plan has the desks on opposite walls, bookshelves across the end wall and above the desks, twin filing cabinets, wall shelves, space for the aircon and a spare chair for visitors but the precise amount of storage depends on the products and services you supply and what equipment you need

  • KK1000
    This IKEA corner desks are really good quality and good size they come in different colours for the top and bottom , and are adjustable in height. So each of you can have one in the corner and once you are there you will find other useful shelving or drawers what ever you need. I usually don’t buy IKEA bit my boys insisted on this and we are all happy with the quality.