Living Room furniture help

Robyn White
January 19, 2019

I’m working on moving the furniture in my living room and I am having a hard time. For a few years I’ve had it like the Christmas tree picture. (End table in place of tree). The front door opens in and the other door in the living room is a bathroom. A terrible location! Our TV isn’t moveable at this time. We have 3 young kids, so that is why we don’t have a coffee table in the middle. I tried this different way today, but don’t like it too much. Obviously all my pillows, plants and decor isn’t out. I would love any suggestions and ideas! Anything creative for the “entryway”? I have end tables I could use as well.


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  • bigreader
    It is an awkward space for sure. I think the Xmas tree arrangement is best. I’d add sofa tables to bring the furniture off the walls and to give you somewhere kid friendly to rest a drink. Then maybe layer a colourful rug over the existing rug to add colour and give a focal point in the absence of a coffee table.
  • GPI shuttertime

    I Think it looks already good but if you wanted to get idea this website might help you