window privacy ideas?

Allison McCarron
January 25, 2019

We have a large window in our living space and we enjoy the views of the trees outside. The only problem is from an angle we also have a view straight into the neighbours deck and house :-) Any ideas for a discreet window covering ?

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  • Jenny West
    Maybe a white roller blind that you an see out of but they can’t see into. Or a soft white linen sheer curtain.
  • oklouise

    build an L shaped awning on the top and side of the outside of the window that projects out to screen the view to the side...btw i imagine if you can see the neighbours they can also see in so you may also want an internal roller blind for night time privacy

  • julie herbert
    A gorgeous screen would look stunning and look beautiful day and night, it would give privacy and not hinder your view.
  • PRO
    Decoro Custom Interiors
    Hi Allison, the issue with blinds or sheers that enable you to see out and gives some extent of privacy during the day, they won’t provide the privacy at nighttime. What is the most appropriate solution will depend on the level of privacy you want (from neighbour seeing some details inside, to total ‘you’re naked’ privacy!) and how/when you use the space and fitting in with the style of your home.

    Is the neighbour the white building that can be seen in the bottom RHS of the window? If so, and it is just privacy from them that you are requiring from a window treatment, can external screening like non invasive bamboo planting along the boundary be an alternative option?
    All the best, Louise, Decoro Custom Interiors - Window Treatment & Soft Furnishings Specialist, Sydney