caroma urbane rimless toilet suite feedback/review?

Rachael Abbott
January 28, 2019

Hi, we have specified 2 Caroma Urbane Rimless Toilets for our new extension and just was after a bit of feedback. I have read they are slightly higher than standard, which is fine but also that they don't flush very well. Is there anyone that can give feedback on this issue? Would we be better having the version with a rim, I never thought about whether that would affect the flushing?


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  • thinkoutsidethebox


    We had a Caroma Forma Cleanflush rimless back-to-wall overheight toilet installed as part of a bathroom reno late last year. We've been using it since December and I love it. Uses less water and flushes better than our previous toilet, which was approximately 12 years old.

    The extra height is comfortable for us and it's much easier to clean than our previous toilet. The majority of the time, a single flush is sufficient for our needs. I can only recall 1 or 2 occasions when flushing twice was necessary, but that was due to a health issue and probably any other low-water toilet would require a double flush.

    I'm now planning to renovate our other bathroom and will buy another Caroma Forma rimless toilet.

    Note: You might want to check, but the Urbane model might differ from the Forma in the shape of the tank.

    I hope this helps.

  • thinkoutsidethebox

    Here's a youtube video on the Caroma cleanflush toilets in case you haven't seen it: