Glass shower screen or tiled wall divider?

Di Maslin
January 29, 2019
We are planning to renovate a bathroom and would like a walk-in shower. Weighing up frameless glass screen vs. tiled wall divider. Wondering how easy it is to keep glass screen clean (never having had one before). Appreciate your thoughts.

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    Edwards Renovations Pty Ltd

    Hi Di,

    The glass can be kept clean for longer by wiping down the glass with a window wiper after use as it removes the calcium deposit in the water left on the screen. When it comes to cleaning It is no different to cleaning the tiles simply mist the shower tiles and glass panel with pure, undiluted white vinegar. Let the white vinegar sit on the calcium deposits for 15 minutes clean with a sponge and rinse with water. A glass panel will give the appearance the room is much larger then it is whereas if you enclose the shower area with a tiled wall this will close the room off and can make the shower area closed off and in some cases dark and poorly vented leading it the get mould easier.

    My Opinion would be to go with a glass panel.

    Hope this helps with your decision making

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    Bathrooms By Oldham

    Hi Di,

    In terms on cleanliness they both would be equally easy to keep clean.

    In terms of what one would be better all comes down to preference, design and size of the bathroom.

    If you have a smallish bathroom the best option would be a screen to make it feel nice and open. :)

    If you want the privacy of a tiled wall you could try out textured glass (such as fluted glass)

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • Melinda C
    We have a walk in shower with glass screen and I love it!! Having the floor all one level and then glass makes our small bathroom feel huge!

    Hope the photos show what I mean.
  • Di Maslin
    Thanks for your comments...I’m thinking glass screen has some real advantages. Especially after seeing Melinda C’s great pics. Thanks again.
  • ceewan
    Definitely go with the glass. Looks better and much easier to clean.
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    Fontaine Industries

    Hi Di,

    We would recommend choosing glass screens as it will make your room feel much more spacious with its minimal streamlined look whereas a tiled wall divider can close in your bathroom.

    Glass screens are easy to clean, with a quick wipe-down usually necessary if there is a build-up of product. We would recommend considering nano technology for your shower screen too. Nanotechnology is a thin film that is applied to surfaces to improve functionality and longevity such as corrosion protection, water protection and has self-cleaning capabilities. We have a blog post where we go in depth about the benefits here.

    You can also find our showers that use this technology here.

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    3DA Design Drafting and 3D Visuals
    Glass wins over tile. easier to maintain and less mould on grout problem.

    Why frameless? Get the thin framed look. Its much more sleek.
    Frameless glass has huuuuge brackets. Like floating squares chromes.

    Check out the latest framed glass. Black frames if you can get it. Absolute winner