Furniture layout HELP!!

February 2, 2019
Hi all,
My husband and I have recently renovated a small house and we are about to love in. A few things have already gone in but I am stumped about where to put the furniture in the living/TV area as the place of the wood heater is set. My hubby doesn’t t want to move it as all the rafters have been set out already for it.
We would love comfy everyday furniture. We are going for a farmhouse/beachy theme.
I have attached photos and measurements.
There is a study nook and opposite that I will put a display cabinet, but I am struggling with the TV area.
Please help with any suggestions.
(Maybe one suggestion/plan putting the heater in the corner so I can show hubby it may be better! )

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  • kallio4
    More photos
  • kallio4
  • dreamer
    Measurements of rooms would help in advice. Thanks
  • kallio4
    Oh sorry! Thought I added them.
    Here it is:
  • oklouise

    try some high and low bookshelves wrapped around the inner wall with a wall mounted TV (IKEA has several variations that would match your style) and use the TV bench elsewhere if it can't be used as a coffee table in the corner and i'm sorry but i could not find a corner arrangement for the heater that would also allow for some lounge furniture...always a good idea for hubby to right occasionally!

  • kallio4
    Wow...That’s thinking out of the box!
    I never would have thought to do that!
    Thank you!
    I will have to try an play with some furniture to see if it suits.
    We would have to put our antenna and a electrical point on that side. What about the TV on the other corner wall? Next to the heater? Oh also, it will be a larger TV as this one is just one for the kids for a bit of downtime during our long days renovating.
  • oklouise

    if the tv were on the other wall...how would you face the tv...all depends on available space

  • kallio4
    I understand.
    It is a small space to work with, hence my dilemma. Maybe I need just some smaller furniture - a two seater and a couple smaller arm chairs.
    We do have a larger sitting/cinema room on the other side which will have more of a plush lounge.
    (We will be building some barn doors to cover the entrance to that room)
  • siriuskey

    so the Barn doors will be going inside the media room to avoid the fire place?

  • kallio4
    It will be on the side of the dining table. I don’t have a photo of the full opening area, but there is enough room between the open barn door and the heater.
  • siriuskey

    Great just asking to ensure you are aware of radiating heat from the freestanding fire