Bathroom Tiles pairing advice

Rolf Chen
February 4, 2019

Reno'ing the house and not sure what to do for bathroom vanity and tiles. I'd like a wooden finished laminated vanity, but not sure what tiles to go with. Master bedroom is a light beige oak laminated board, and majority of the house's tiles are light grey (cool tone) glossy ceramic tiles.

Bedroom boards,

Kitchen and living room tiles.

Any suggestions? Sorry... I'm just really bad at colour matching.

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  • dreamer
    Does the bathroom come off the bedroom or off the glossy tiled floor. If off the bedroom, then take a sample of your laminate flooring to a tile shop and match to that in a Matt finished tile. And yes, the wooden vanity will look great. If the bathroom is joining the gloss tiles, then why can't you use those tiles as well, in the bathroom. Your tile shop would help you with a good match, if those are too slippery for bathroom. Definitely still use the wood vanity, to add some texture. The bedroom tone and gloss tiles are different, so which ever room the bathroom is joining, use that colour tone.
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  • Rolf Chen

    Hi! thank you for the advice. This particular bathroom comes off the bedroom.

    There's another bathroom that I was considering using the same tiles for, which then comes off the glossy tiles. The tiler recommended using the same tile, but the matt version (to provide a bit of difference), and suggested used the shade variants for the walls. Maybe I'll do that (at least for the second bathroom!

    Shall think about the options for the main bathroom (off bedroom)'s colour options. Thank you