just got these shutters on.. need an opinion do they look stupid?

Alisha Mangan
February 5, 2019
Worried that the white is too out there opinions?

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  • oklouise


  • dreamer
    They look good. Add uniform and neatness to inside and outside.
  • Alisha Mangan
    Neatness and uniform? Sorry what you mean?
  • dreamer
    They make your home look very good. By uniform, I mean, it would not look as good if you had a different curtain or blind in each window. Looks neat and organised with the same shutters in all the windows.
  • Leonie Castle
    I think they are great choice. I have them in my bedroom and one day plan to have them through the rest of my home.
  • Alisha Mangan
    Thank you for your comments I was just worried the white didn’t go with the brick and my guttering. Usually your blinds and curtains match with similar colouring but I went with white- completely different colour
  • julie herbert
    Hi Alisha,
    I think they look fabulous, but I would remove that cream letter box as it throws off the look of your beautiful house.
  • me me
    I was going to say the same thing about the letterbox
  • PRO
    Styling Guru

    I also think they are beautiful. You don't want shutters that scream for attention. However I think your room is calling for a splash of colour. Perhaps what you are sensing is the room is needing some colour with throws or cushions.

  • julie herbert
    Hi Alisha,
    I think your house looks great I love the colours in your room, very relaxing and beautiful, I would keep it soft by adding some beautiful texture in the way of gorgeous cushions and throws, a beautiful lamp and you could add plants to give a dash of colour,sometimes it so nice to have just a beautiful serene room to curl up in that feels luxurious and calm.