Help! Where to locate linear floor waste in shower?

Peter Phan
February 6, 2019

Hi, we are discussing location of floor waste in our ensuite shower with the builder and we're not sure where to position it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • oklouise

    we have two showers with linear floor against the back wall and one across the opening between shower and the rest of the bathroom..i prefer the grate across the opening but in your shower the one across the back wall may be easier to access when you need to lift the grate to clean out the trough but i'm assuming that the plumbing and concrete floor hasn't been installed yet because it's not easy to change your mind after

  • dreamer
    I would choose, option A or C. I think option B, would be, where people would stand, and that could become annoying on your feet.
  • Peter Phan

    Thanks for your tips.
    agree that option b can be annoying to feet. I was thinking it may be a good option for draining as most the water will directly hit this area.
    @oklouise I'm not 100% sure what you mean by your linear waste at the opening? do any of these options match your description?

  • oklouise

    depending on the length of the shower...1500 or less have the linear waste across the opening at E and 1800 or more i would prefer a longer C but you should discuss with the plumber and tiler as various options means the floor has to slope in different directions..i notice that you have a small floor waste in front of the vanity...given the choice i would prefer to have all the floor slope toward a walk in shower with drain at C and no screen but if you want a screen to the floor that will interrupt the slope and trap water so it may be better to slope the vanity area and the shower space separately