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Ali Borg
February 7, 2019

so i asked the other day about help looking for a rug that would suit, A hamptons theme and B suit the print i had and existing furniture. id like some opinion on these please if i may. option 1 is a flat weave denim style and 2 is indigo wool and bamboo. tia.

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  • legendaryflame
    I prefer the first rug. It seems to 'lift' the area. The second 'deadens' it imo.
  • littlethommo2 .

    Sorry, honestly for me the wall colour throws both options off. Maybe its just the colouring and lighting in the photo, but it looks like your wall paint is yellow toned? And the sofa is brown? Brown and blue are a classic combination, but your entertainment unit looks grey. If you prefer the first grey rug and your wall is a yellow tone I would consider repainting your wall a grey or 'greige' tone to match in with not only the rug but your other furniture items and artwork.

  • bigreader
    First one vote from me.
  • Ali Borg
    the walls are going to be painted white. its a work I progress.
  • Leonie Castle
    1st one is my vote
  • Jan Dobson
    Sorry to disagree but I thought the blues in the artwork and accessories were enhanced by the second option. Both a nice choice though
  • how2girl

    No.2, especially if you’re going to paint the walls white. The 1st rug has quite a busy pattern & will show marks as there’s a lot of white in it.

  • amonymousanne
    I prefer No 2 as it is not a busy pattern competing with your painting . The plain rug complements your painting .
  • siriuskey

    the first one for me

  • Helen Keating
    Rug 2 is my preference, with your future white walls.
  • PRO
    Styling Guru

    First rug also, it has enough light in it! I think the second rug brings too much blue into the room.