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Chesterfield House
February 8, 2019

interested in people's thoughts
we have had a trend of late for our Slim designed wing back designs but instead of the traditional Queen Anne legs people are asking for a fuller deeper upholstered base more modern couch looking with a lower timber foot.
this is our 3rd in as many months.

so we are looking at launching this as part of our new 2019 collection

Comments (4)

  • bigreader
    I do like the bun feet. A bit more timeless which fits a chesterfield. I’d love one in Indigo velvet (dreaming).
  • KK1000
    Good luck, it’s quite ugly, sorry just being honest.
  • PRO
    Dr Retro House Calls

    I would finish the upholstery and add the cushions before seeking feedback. At the moment it looks poorly proportioned, and a bit rough, as it is only half complete. A lot of people would not appreciate it is a work in progress, and can't visualize the finished piece, so may make negative comments.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

  • PRO
    Chesterfield House

    better for you ?

    as I make the furniture I like to show the furniture as its being make just confirms we make the furniture 100% Australian made
    and don't just glorify photos of imports and take credit and pretend we make them as many others in this industry now sadly do.