Our Reno floor plan - what else could we do?

Ray Doody
February 9, 2019

Hi there,

We are in the final stages of locking down our reno plans and I'm after some feedback please? Could we do this a better way? We have 3br and the hallway on the left, the rest will be all new.


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    Dr Retro House Calls

    I would be looking carefully at your bathroom and powder room arrangements, especially with the shower and water splash distances. I can't see any shower screens to either shower? As it is drawn I hope you like mopping floors after every shower. For a family home there will be privacy issues when someone needs to access the laundry, while another family member is having a shower. I would separate the laundry and family bathroom into two distinct rooms as the current design is a compromise. With space so tight the second shower in the powder room seems excessive, and it is so small it is not very functional. You need to think carefully about the freestanding bath, the space it takes up, and the cleaning around it. A more traditional bath hob will give you fewer compromises in other areas as it will take up less space.

    Have you considered flyscreening with your bi-fold doors to the rear?

    Have you considered how you are going to furnish the living room?

    There is lots more, no doubt other Houzzers will pick up on. If you want a proper, detailed design/review or chat feel free to contact me.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

  • bigreader
    Def draw some furniture to scale and pop in the extension. It does look like it may be hard to layout a dining area and a living/tv area. It’s an exciting time for you.
  • oklouise

    can we see the rest of the house showing the bedrooms? in the meantime my suggestions make the laundry and bathrooms into separate rooms and rearranges the kitchen with a narrower island for more walking space but for the rare times you would fully open the bifolds i think stacker doors would be cheaper and easier to flyscreen and much easier for everyday access to the deck

  • kbodman14
    Why two showers and two toilets side by side? Have you consider having a seperate room each for the bath, toilet and shower along the kitchen wall, and making use of a corridor for the vanity and washing machine?
  • oklouise

    a variation of kbodmans14's suggestion allows for multi person bathroom access without two toilets and showers

  • siriuskey

    My idea is to completely move the laundry which can be accessed from the kitchen, extra sink space available for big clean ups. some might say it's too far.

    without knowing how deep the build is stepped out to the boundary there's a chance that you could have a door opening from the laundry.

    You would need to have an opening sky light in the bath room for fresh air and light, even as it is you would need to add extra light with access to fresh air. I can see your bifold doors being a problem if you don't include a single opening door for everyday access to the deck

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    Paul Di Stefano Design

    Living / Dining space won’t work functionally unless you just have a small table and/or limited lounge furniture. Is this for a family?. It’s just too tight. Get some properly scaled furniture on it and you’ll see the problem. Similarly agree with other bathroom suggestions. You may always want to consider running the kitchen down the side wall rather than across. Would be also helpful to understand full context. Cheers PD:)