No hallway rental house

Pujitha Nuthakki
February 10, 2019

Hi i want to style the entrance for a no hallway entrance of a rental home.The main entrance door opens to kitchen and i would like to add a featuring accessory to the entrance.

Can you help with the any ideas for such entrance's as below.

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  • julie herbert
    A large artwork behind the door would look great, a large potted plant or you could try a longer planter as a small divide between door and kitchen, run parallel with door it could look gorgeous this would need to be large enough that it is not bumped into or fallen over, I would not over crowd the area, artwork and planter or artwork and large pot, lovely room.
  • Pujitha Nuthakki

    Thank you Julie,artwork sounds like a great idea,not sure if i can fit a planter though but nice ideas !!

  • legendaryflame
    Would you put a screen/ room divider coming out from the wall at right angles to sutbly hide the kitchen? I picture a pot on the left then a room divider at a right angle or alternatively, as Julie suggested a planter box instead of the divider.
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  • julie herbert
    Lovely idea legendaryflame, and you could take it with you if you ever .shift
  • PRO
    Moss Furniture

    Do you have room for a small console table on the wall opposite the front door?

    Consider a black or stainless steel marble console with artwork or a mirror above. We can make consoles as small as 800mm long x 250mm wide. I really think a Custom Made Marble Console Table will work well in your entry space

  • Pujitha Nuthakki

    Legendary flame idea is great too but where would you suggest it goes our current layout is

  • Pujitha Nuthakki

    This is right next to the kitchen area shown in the picture i first uploaded

  • julie herbert
    Your room looks great, are you able to post a photo showing the entrance area.
  • dreamer
    Hi Pujitha, since the home is a rental, you would have to ask permission to attach things to the wall. You could also have a freestanding screen. I would think it would be best to be against the wall with arrow. So when standing at the front door, looking into home, the screen will stop the view to kitchen. If you stand at the front door, you will be able to work out the best place for the screen to make a private entry.