Rug choices for a busy fabric!

February 10, 2019
Interior decorating is not my forte! Kitchen and living space renos are happening in a month. The half-wall behind the couch is going and a white shaker kitchen with a navy kitchen island and jarrah floorboards throughout the space is being installed.

1. What rug pattern or style would go with such a busy fabric pattern to protect the floor? We also have two matching club chairs in the same fabric. Every rug I look at just seems to clash!

2. With the wall being removed the back of the couch will be visible on entering the space. There will be nothing in between the island and the couch back. Should I place another item of furniture against the back of the couch (thinking long low bench with plants or a church pew type of seating) just to break up the visual?

Comments (2)

  • JE C
    How much space do you have? Best to post a plan if possible.
  • dreamer
    Has the lounge got a gold or silver pattern through it. I can't tell from the photo. Can I suggest a plain navy floor rug to match your new kitchen cabinet colour. With navy throws for your lounge. Or even a plain red floor rug. If the colour in lounge is silver, add silver coffee table and accessories. If it is gold then gold accessories. I'm thinking with the different styles of lounge and your new kitchen cabinets, I'm thinking maybe a boho theme added to a plain rug, White also needs to be added to blend with your new kitchen. Since the rooms are close, add silver or gold accessories into your kitchen. Maybe copper colours may also work. But then, If nothing works, throw a big blanket over each lounge and cover the fabric. Even if you just put a blanket over the back of each lounge. Have fun.