Seeking advice on an exterior colour scheme

February 12, 2019
last modified: February 14, 2019

Hi Houzzers, using this house as a blank canvas, what changes would you suggest making to the colour scheme to make it as appealing as possible (including any changes to the garage door, roof, windows etc) assuming the same overall facade design. Really appreciate your input.

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  • siriuskey

    This looks like one of a pair of duplexes?, are you wanting to look completely different

  • siriuskey

    just saw that it's one of 3 units, are you planning painting them all the same

  • dreamer
    my suggestion to your question, would be to use stone, or sycon weatherboard cladding on front walls or on front porch pillars. Either would bring interest.
  • bigreader
    I think simple as shown is appealing. Bland will appeal to a broad market. Adding the wooden doors you mentioned previously would add interest but a bit of effort in the landscaping will give you more appeal than anything else.
  • pottsy99

    Pretty easy I reckon -- paint the right hand fence panel in charcoal to match and balance everything , add a big colourful pot ( say 80cm tall and 80cm across ) on the lefthand 'step down' part ( personally , I'd go for citrus orange or a maroon red if you want to be more subtle , but various blues or greens would suit , just not pop as much IMO ) with pretty much any leafy or colourful plants .

  • PRO
    Reclaim your space

    What is your objective? Is this your own home, or are you wanting to sell it? Who do you want it to appeal to? How do you want it to feel?

    I agree with pottsy99's suggestions, if you want some interest / colour, paint the door in a bright inviting colour, maybe yellow, or something that suits the interior scheme. Maybe the house number next to the door.

  • petermdn

    Sorry for the delayed reply. For some reason I didn't receive any email notifications from Houzz so i didn't know there were any comments until I logged in. Thank you for your comments. No, I am not the owner of this house, it is just an example of a similar facade to what I am planning to build so was interested in what changes you would make to the colours starting from scratch assuming the same overall facade design. The objective is to sell and would like to look modern, fresh and inviting look but not cold.

  • Daini
    Very cute
  • amandalouiselane

    As you are building new, I would suggest swapping the render colour with the window frame colour, leave the gutter/facia and roof colour dark. Window frames white, dark aggregate paving.. Blend garage with render colour and then paint the front door your favourite colour, anything from pale pink to bright emerald green. The rest of the interest would be in the landscaping, which would look amazing against the darker render or brick colour.

  • PRO
    Congo Systems

    Hi Peter,

    Definitely review/visualize colour combinations before committing to the build - a little time upfront may save years of regret and "what if's" in your mind.

    There lots of cool websites that allow you to try out different colours on a similar design.

    It's hard to know what colours will work best for you without knowing a lot more about your taste, if you're looking to flip it (eg. neutral colours), what sort of landscaping and overall ambience you're going for (eg. light and breezy, dark and moody, etc.)

    Consider using interesting materials, besides brick and render, to make your facade special. There's amazing products like corten, cemintel, James Hardie boards, lasercut screens, etc.

    Also copy web pics from lots of houses you like and a theme may eventually reveal itself for you.

    If it helps you can check a range of designs and colour schemes in my portfolio for ideas!

    PS: I'm adding a lot more in that section later this month, with some designs being very similar to yours.

    All the best.