Window Splashback

Robbi Zed
February 14, 2019

Does any one know how to create a window splashback without the frame visible like the photo attached? Does the builder do this or is it the cabinet maker who somehow covers the edges in?

thanks in advance

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  • oklouise

    you would need the builder to collaborate with the cabinetmaker as the frame of the window is behind the cabinets and counter as there's no visible frame to the glass...perhaps the builder could build a timber framed window to make it easier to seal the space but you'll need expert help to achieve such a polished of luck

  • PRO
    Paul Di Stefano Design

    It’s not hard, but it’s all in the detailing, and then the management/coordination of various elements and setup of the window sill & head so it’s perfectly aligned to achieve the desired seamless design. the particular joinery design and also the general overal detailing will influence the decision to either express the window frame or to hide/integrate it

    Best of luck PD:)