Creative kitchen plan for my budget shed conversion - HELP PLEASE.

February 14, 2019
last modified: February 14, 2019

Where do l start??? I'm a pensioner living solo, feeling very fortunate to have a mortgage free home in PERTH WA.

But I am very concerned for how many women my age, are threatened with homelessness, cos modern rents are over 2/3s of their pension.

I had dreamed, for a couple of years, of turning my ex's work shed, into a sweet little home for one of these ladies, that l will rent out for $200 a week.

BUT sadly, the money is running out, so l am now desperately hoping, that this is the community that can help me with some clever, creative, budget/recycling ideas, to complete this project, so l can achieve my original goal, and begin to get a little return for my investment, and supplement my meagre pension.

SO lets start with the KITCHEN. I have these recycled IKEA cabinets [not fixed into position yet] and another narrower one, which l hope will help create an 'L' SHAPED KITCHEN:-

  1. Possible space - Long Wall 420 cms x Short Wall 102 cms
  2. Long Wall cupboard Depth 60 cms x Short Wall cupboard Depth 42 cms [80 cms long].
  3. Plumbing for Taps placed where gap is between cabinets
  4. SINK - 108 cms long, 48 cms deep, with left hand drainer.
  5. STOVE - will be basic recycled, approx 60 cms wide. Will take space of cabinet with metal shelves
  6. FRIDGE - Stainless Steel - 60 cms Wide x 60 cms Deep, will have to be at the forefront of this photo, and included in the 420 cms of long wall.
  7. CABINETS - Will be using 4 along Long Wall. 2 big - 60 cms wide. 2 small - 40 cms wide. Hopefully l can use 1 for Short Wall - 80 cms long, so there can be extra work space on top.
  8. I also wish to include:- 1*- some long FLOATING SHELVES from 2 long bits of rough Jarrah that l have. 2*- A WALL DISH DRAINER, above sink, designed to leave every day china and mugs in until used again. So as what l grew up with - Wash, Rinse, Dry in drainer rack on wall. 3*- MICROWAVE on wall. 4*- Somewhere for 2 BINS - rubbish & recycling.
  9. SPLASH BACK - Do have some approx 4' x 4' white tiles - but would prefer not to have grout, and to have something more interesting.
  10. Kitchen COUNTER - I have seen some dark, composite wood lengths, at Bunnings that l really like
  11. A PRIORITY is to have enough BENCH space to comfortably prepare food. Have seen an idea where a top narrow draw is turned into a pullout CHOPPING BOARD.
  12. FLOORING - Original concrete - still in good shape, but a bit undulating , so l think 'LINO' would be most suitable when l can afford it. In the meantime, l could choose something suitable to define the kitchen area, before we install cabinets etc. Any ideas.

Hoping this is enough info to get some creative ideas flowing - to make up for my lack of them.

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  • oklouise

    your photo shows a three section cabinet about 180cm long and two 40 cm wide drawers and plumbing about 120cm from the corner?? then my first suggestion is to use paving paint on the whole floor of the flat...easy to apply, cheap, forgiving and you can use a colour (red?) that you wouldn't consider in a more expensive floor and will be a great background for some cheap area rugs...the existing cabinet with the three 60cm wide sections should be able to have the sink installed without separating the three sections as the sink drainers sit in the counter without affecting the cabinets below..add a door below the sink in a timber look to match the counter if you can't match the drawers) and, keeping the shallow 80cm wide cabinet to use elsewhere, by separating the two 40cm wide drawers there can be an L shaped counter over a corner void that will be plenty of space for bins...overhead you'll have a microwave cabinet, dish drainer and a small rangehood so only 60cms gaps between for open shelves so suggest that you keep the long jarrah shelving for behind a couch so you don't have higher kitchen shelf to encourage falls and with money saved on flooring consider a laminate splashback eg Kaboodle has 3.6m wide splashback that can go behind the stove and across the sink and under the microwave and add a small table and chairs to complete the kitchen

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  • siriuskey

    All of the above, without knowing the size of your flat, because you don't have a corner cabinet ( a void is a waste of space in such a small room) Consider using the shallow cabinets as an island bench running parallel to the long wall with a Bunnings timber 60cm wide top with 20cm hang over on three sides, you could have an open space between the Island Bench cabinets for rubbish bins .

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  • siriuskey

    Jut noticed that Ok is using the void for the bins.

  • Lollylegs

    Just want to say that I admire your many older women are left living in poor circumstances and they are often the “lost” poor!

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  • butlerclan

    Thank you, LL's. Just hope l can get it finished. Managing on a Gov't pension is a bit spooky for anyone, especially for a lateral thinker.

  • oklouise

    sometimes lack of money forces the lateral thinking that creates much better results

  • siriuskey

    Must say that you have to become very creative with little or no funds, I do my best thinking then, well done you.

  • butlerclan

    Hi Louise, I can't thank you enough for your help, especially for the floor plan, giving me a clear picture of how it will come together. You nailed it. My only disappointment is the 2 basin sink is too big to fit the middle cabinet. Also trying to visualise what tone of the red that you suggested for the floor, and the colour of the laminate back splash.

  • oklouise

    consider a terracotta colour for the floor and the black or white counters are the cheapest with matching splashback and try the timber shelves

  • siriuskey

    I think this is what you mentioned above Bunnings Timber bench top 2200 x 600 x 26 $99, I have seen in the past matching panels of approx 40cm that can be used as a splash back, then a good paint used above that which will also show off your shelves.

    ,If you do a straight run starting with 60cm cabinet, 80cm space for sink bowels, 60 cabinet, finishing a with 40cm cabinet. What base cabinets would that leave you with. The open spaces could have shelves with baskets?

    Hope you can make sense of this, you could still use the 800 x 42 as an island with the bigger benchtop

  • butlerclan

    Thanks 'Siriuskey' - that's the wood! As soon as l laid eyes on it, l thought that was what l wanted - felt was needed, to add some warmth/character to the room.

  • siriuskey

    I love those benches I have used one as sewing/desk with trestle legs, love it.

    The following is my idea with timber bench tops and using your cabinets,

    This would work if you could run the plumbing across to the left,either inside or externally.

    ,I have moved the sink to allow you to use the 80cm cabinet as your dish rack, the window won;t allow this. Or you could just swap the sink and cooker and use other shelving for the dish rack

    Back wall R-L 60cm cabinet,cooker,60cm cabinet 800 void for sink,60cm cabinet.fridge.

    Wall, using the 80cm x 42cm as plate drainer with timber open shelves on both sides, extraction is a simple ceiling extractor fan.

    I have added a narrow 60cm Island which uses both 40cm at both ends,like the sink there's a void which can have a couple of stools andr rubbish binscan be placed under the sink cheers

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  • Kate Partenio

    Can’t afford to buy doors for front of sink yet. Hang a curtain instead like they did in the old days. Piece of dowell, 2 cuphooks,. 2 m x1.1 m fabric, cut into 2two 1 m widths,to have split in middle, simple hem all sides, with larger hem on top open on sides to run the dowell through. Bins go in behind. Replace with doors when u can afford it. Good luck and well done. Don’t sew, ask around and some one will help. Pick a patterned washable fabric to show less dirt

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  • PRO
    Home Design Edge

    posted this on my blog. Its a kitchen made up of recycled, cheap, durable and reusable materials Budget Kitchen Design

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