Creative kitchen plan for my budget shed conversion - HELP PLEASE.

2 years ago
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Where do l start??? I'm a pensioner living solo, feeling very fortunate to have a mortgage free home in PERTH WA.

But I am very concerned for how many women my age, are threatened with homelessness, cos modern rents are over 2/3s of their pension.

I had dreamed, for a couple of years, of turning my ex's work shed, into a sweet little home for one of these ladies, that l will rent out for $200 a week.

BUT sadly, the money is running out, so l am now desperately hoping, that this is the community that can help me with some clever, creative, budget/recycling ideas, to complete this project, so l can achieve my original goal, and begin to get a little return for my investment, and supplement my meagre pension.

SO lets start with the KITCHEN. I have these recycled IKEA cabinets [not fixed into position yet] and another narrower one, which l hope will help create an 'L' SHAPED KITCHEN:-

  1. Possible space - Long Wall 420 cms x Short Wall 102 cms
  2. Long Wall cupboard Depth 60 cms x Short Wall cupboard Depth 42 cms [80 cms long].
  3. Plumbing for Taps placed where gap is between cabinets
  4. SINK - 108 cms long, 48 cms deep, with left hand drainer.
  5. STOVE - will be basic recycled, approx 60 cms wide. Will take space of cabinet with metal shelves
  6. FRIDGE - Stainless Steel - 60 cms Wide x 60 cms Deep, will have to be at the forefront of this photo, and included in the 420 cms of long wall.
  7. CABINETS - Will be using 4 along Long Wall. 2 big - 60 cms wide. 2 small - 40 cms wide. Hopefully l can use 1 for Short Wall - 80 cms long, so there can be extra work space on top.
  8. I also wish to include:- 1*- some long FLOATING SHELVES from 2 long bits of rough Jarrah that l have. 2*- A WALL DISH DRAINER, above sink, designed to leave every day china and mugs in until used again. So as what l grew up with - Wash, Rinse, Dry in drainer rack on wall. 3*- MICROWAVE on wall. 4*- Somewhere for 2 BINS - rubbish & recycling.
  9. SPLASH BACK - Do have some approx 4' x 4' white tiles - but would prefer not to have grout, and to have something more interesting.
  10. Kitchen COUNTER - I have seen some dark, composite wood lengths, at Bunnings that l really like
  11. A PRIORITY is to have enough BENCH space to comfortably prepare food. Have seen an idea where a top narrow draw is turned into a pullout CHOPPING BOARD.
  12. FLOORING - Original concrete - still in good shape, but a bit undulating , so l think 'LINO' would be most suitable when l can afford it. In the meantime, l could choose something suitable to define the kitchen area, before we install cabinets etc. Any ideas.

Hoping this is enough info to get some creative ideas flowing - to make up for my lack of them.

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