HELP Please - internal design ideas for rennovating 1920s Genral Store

Adam C
February 15, 2019
last modified: February 15, 2019

Hi, i am about to start a full internal renovation of this 1920s 'general store' in the inner north of Melbourne. It is only an internal rennovation as the fascade has an overlay on the property (will be changing the colours and front foor though)

As you can see from the pics/plans the place isn't huge. it also doesn't have a whole lot of natural light coming through due to the verandah over the large windows.

Mostly need help with the kitchen and bathroom(s) design. I am thinking something fairly simple and modern that won't date too eaily. The flooring will be a floating floor.

The kitchen isn't big either, for this i was thinking fairly light/white cabinetry with a stone benchtop.

I am a male with hopeless taste ANY HELP is greatly appreciated.



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  • oklouise

    we can't see the detail of the plan and wonder if you're asking about alternate ideas for the floor plan or suggestions for colours. furnishing and materials for decoration?

  • Adam C
    The layout is fairly fixed as there's not much room. It's the finishes and details that I need help on.
    Trying to work out how to put a better image of the floor plans here so it can be seen though.
  • oklouise

    a hand drawn plan with dimensions and location of doors, windows and stairs will help understand the spaces better

  • PRO
    You are on the right track keeping surfaces light and bright.
    Could some skylights be put into the equation? these would make a massive difference for the amount of natural light.
    Maybe browse houzz and copy some finishes from photos you like.
  • PRO

    here's a couple of pictures from houzz.
    Ultimately depends on your personal likes, how brave you want to be :) and your budget.
    Hope this helps

  • PRO
    Michael Bell Architects Pty Ltd

    You could hire a designer. There are lots who are local to you on this platform. They will give a whole scheme and assist with builders and other service providers. You wont know yourself afterwards.

  • Adam C
    Hi Michael I was thinking about consulting with a designer to get a basic plan of where to start. Wasn't sure how much they cost but I might start making a few enquiries as it will probably pay off.
  • oklouise

    would love to see the ground floor with a rustic looking timber floating floor and simple white kitchen cabinetry, white bathroom tiles and appliances with timber stairs and doors and keep colours for soft furnishings but suggest that a simple rearrangement of the downstairs bedroom entry will create better traffic patterns and more space under the stairs for bedroom, kitchen dining and laundry storage, more privacy for the bedroom and more direct access to the bathroom from the bedroom