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February 16, 2019

We have owned our place for 8 years, have done up the main bathroom and outdoor area. We now desperately need to do up our kitchen and we figured we should update the lounge and spare room at the same time. We plan to stay at the house for 3-5 years but it’s not our forever home, so we want to have the flexibility to sell up and move when we want, without losing money. So we are conscious of making it comfortable while ensuring we don’t overcapitalise. The main purpose of the Reno is to get the kitchen updated, and put in a second toilet - or bathroom if we can.

The biggest hurdle weve come across is the kitchen, its A tricky shape/position. After a lot of back and forth, we’ve currently got the idea of moving the kitchen to the spare study room (which is a garage converted to room). we are now having reservations about this and wondering if all the extra work will be worth it. Or if we are better off leaving the kitchen in similar layout and try to put in a second bathroom off the study instead (which would certainly add more value, but might be too much to squeeze in the small house).

Current layout is 3 bedroom, office, one bathroom. House is on Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Any advice would be appreciated please!

Current layout

optional layout (moving kitchen to study)

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  • oklouise

    best value and use of the space would be to add a second bathroom (also accessed from outside) and create a master suite with laundry off the dining room...extra space could be squeezed into the ens by removing the old brick internal walls and remove part of the hall wall for a more open plan living area subject to load bearing walls and if necessary for structural support a beam could be left at the join to save replacing the whole ceilings and a post could be keep at the end of the new island for support ... filling in the old doorway to the study with a bookshelf in the bedroom allows a little extra bedroom space for TV shoes etc and adds wall space to the living area

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  • siriuskey

    Totally agree, I have just started working on this, we have exact same solution, and most cost effective

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  • ellenroseb

    Thank you! This is pretty much what we have been considering. Thanks so much for your input.

    The only thing we were worried about with the master bedroom is fitting a bed in there. Our bed is 2300 long, which makes it very tight. I’m not sure about how long a standard queen is?

  • siriuskey

    That's a very large bed, our king is 2m long x 1900, perhaps you could keep that bed where it is and do the reno's with your sale in mind, now with a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house

  • oklouise

    standard queen is about 2100 x 1600 allowing for bedding so rotating the 2300 long bed will still fit with carefully chosen side tables, the door could open against the wall, adding some long wide curtains behind the bed would add the feeling of a bedhead and you may decide that freestanding wardrobes and chests of drawers instead of a wiw might be more economical and allow the room to have multiple uses instead of being restricted to a master bedroom and the separate furniture can go with you to the next home when you move (the bed in this plan is 2300 x 1600)

  • ellenroseb

    Great suggestions, thank you!

  • PRO
    Paul Di Stefano Design

    How much are you willing to spend on this? The issue is adding an extra bedroom without increasing the living space is that whilst it can provide a "tick box" extra it will not necessarily in reality be a house that is spatially well balanced for the overall function it's trying to achieve. It's about rationalising priorities and I'd be think about both your immediate needs and then the 3-5 year "sales" plan, in that (a) do you need 4 bedrooms now and (b) would it be better to have a more spacious 3 bedroom scenario to put to market than an arguably compromised 4 bedroom set-up. I reckon your instincts are correct in that an improved/expanded kitchen/living zone will make a (more) significant difference, as well as getting a properly appointed laundry and additional separate powder, which is what your original concept achieves. It's not right & wrong, but rather what is better or worse suited to your particular needs/goals.

    Best of luck PD :)

  • siriuskey

    For me OK louise is spot on, a room is a room only by a given name.

    The old garage if legally fitted out as a large room with attached 2nd bathroom/powder room that can become a bedroom/Media/MFR. Or master with ensuite, and using bedroom 3 as a study/Media/MFR, it's in a perfect position with being able to open up into the living room to make one large space.

    In your situation this will give you everything you need without a very big budget which I'am guessing you don't have and wouldn't want to spend anyway

  • siriuskey

    Oklouise, I never completed my plan, but do you think it might be a good idea to add an alfresco area across the rear of the house to give extra living space, perfect with the external access to a bathroom even without a pool. If a servery window was added to the kitchen, Would love to see you design this if you have time and agree

  • oklouise

    excellent idea and a simple shade cloth and/or lazerlite covered pergola over concrete pavers is the cheapest and simplest way to add extra outdoor living area and basic diy kits are readily available

  • Kate Partenio

    Oklouise has it nailed as usual. i would use bed 3 as a study/den. Great resale