Should curtains gather long or be hemmed above the floor? And why?

Tommy Murphy
February 16, 2019
I am about to have curtains made for a front window and as a room divider in my Sydney terrace house. They will hang from a ceiling track. Should they hover above the floor boards or gather long as I see in some design images? What are the design principles that guide this choice? Thanks for your insights, all.

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  • oklouise

    pooled on the floor is OK if the curtains never move but any curtain that need to be opened and closed regularly are better above the floor for ease of use and to keep them clean, hung from the ceiling will be extra long and heavy so ask the curtain maker about aids for moving the curtains without grabbing the fabric and making dirty handmarks and ripping the hooks out of the track and consider linings for extra insulation and will also help the room divider looks great from both sides

  • PRO
    Decoro Custom Interiors
    Hi Tommy,
    There are various aesthetic and practical reasons, along with my clients desired outcomes, that I consider when advising the finished length of draperies.
    If they are operable, usually it is best that they do not ‘puddle’ on the floor. All the best, Louise, Decoro Custom Interiors - Window Treatment Specialist, Sydney.
  • bigreader
    I like a little puddle. But for all the practical reasons above this doesn’t suit your circumstances. Be careful though not to go too short and get the shrunk in the wash look.
  • pascoeyvonne

    I like the curtains to finish about one finger thickness above the flooring, which seems to give a neater appearance than the pooled look. Also, like others have mentioned, it helps to keep the hems clean.

  • siriuskey

    Love the pooled look but if they are in constant use and pooling onto a timber floor I wouldn't go there as they would collect any dust where as on carpet they wouldn't

  • dreamer
    Agree with Pascoe. Pooling curtains in my opinion, always look as though they haven't been finished, as though someone forgot to hem them.
  • Tommy Murphy
    You people are wonderful. Thank you. This is such a useful app. I’m taking all that on board. Much appreciated. Tommy