Kitchen Benchtops

Fiona Kildey
February 16, 2019
Hi All,

We are finalizing our kitchen and need to decide on benchtops. What options do we have other than laminate that are durable, look good and don’t cost the earth.
Also advice on the different stones would be appreciated.


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    Compass Kitchens

    Hi Fiona, as Kitchen Manufacturers based in Adelaide we are asked this question about benchtop material options all the time. When we sit down with our clients we can discuss these options personally one on one but to help people just like you, who are just in the process of selecting material types to best suit them without professional help, and are perhaps not even sure what is available; we have actually created a section on our website specifically for your type of question.

    We have listed all the different Material types here as Buyers Guides and provide useful information about their properties along with their benefits and any downsides too.

    I hope this may be of some help, Malcolm.