Help with a master bedroom and ensuite layout please

February 19, 2019
last modified: February 21, 2019

I am having touble with the layout of our master bathroom and WIR. I feel there is not enough space in the WIR. I like the layout of the bathroom, especially with a separate toilet (that's a must), but this of course cuts into the WIR space. Any suggestions regarding layout would be most appreciated.

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  • siriuskey

    You could just move the door along and swing it the other way, extend the his WIR to Line up with hers, and then swap his for hers so you have more much needed space. The bedroom is still a good space

  • CCdownunder

    Yeah, I was thinking that. I thought it might it look strange with one bigger than the other.

  • siriuskey

    Not at all you won't notice it until you enter them, and believe me you won't have trouble filling it

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  • PRO
    Flooring Vision

    siriusky is right. The moment I looked at the pic, that came straight into my head....makes perfect sense.

  • legendaryflame
    Clever solution, Siriuskey and Flooring!
  • CCdownunder
    Also, do you think it looks strange with the bathroom tiling coming into the hallway? I think it should end at the bathroom entrance and then have tiling in the toilet
  • dreamer
    Hi CC, my suggestion is the same as others, but make the two wardrobes into a walk through dressing room, by removing wardrobe internal walls. This will not reduce hanging space, and make the area visually larger. Depending on the style of your home, install a barn sliding door at entrance of wardrobes.
    Regarding the tiling. I suggest having the entire bathroom, toilet, WIR area the same flooring. If you are having carpet in your bedroom, then finish the carpet at the entrance to WIR. You could have carpet rugs along walk way to bathroom, for cold feet. However, if you are having floorboards in your bedroom, then continue them into the WIR as your thoughts posted previously. Finishing at bathroom entrance. This will be a well used area, and either tiles or floorboards will wear better than carpet.Are you having a door on entrance to bathroom? Thanks.
  • dreamer
    My suggestion as per previous post
  • Nat

    Could you also change your main door to a pocket door so it doesn't encroach into the Master Suite space? I'd suggest tiling from the entrance into the WIR space through to the bathroom so you can come out slightly damp from the shower and get dressed without walking onto carpet. Also, your towel rail could go on that small nib wall opposite the toilet entrance.

  • Michael
    Add a pocket sliding door where the tiles begin