Pergola design and deck area

Lynne McNeill
February 19, 2019

I just recently had a carport added to the side of the house (north side). Directly behind this i want to add a pergola with laser lite roof, as it will be outside my kitchen sliding doors.
I have a 2 story house within 1.5 mtrs of our boundary fence, with neighbours bedroom window looking straight down to where
My new pergola will be ,hence I need to block the neighbours house out for more privacy.
The concrete for carport and the pergola floor will be poured next week the final floor finish what to do? My house is 30 years old orangy beige rumbled brick the gutters are all beige will need replacing in next 3-4 years
What color outside tiles or concrete (exposes ag)? In dark greys
Or a lighter color in crazy paving sandstone look
I had a vision of extending my kitchen tiles to the outside area they are a dark grey with black grey stones like polished
concrete with non slip finish. Taking the inside to the outside kinda look. Or
Do i go for exposed ag look