exterior trim on Tuscan style home

February 20, 2019
Hi everyone. I’d love some advice about trim colour, including doors, windows and posts for the exterior of my home. It’s rendered and the trim is currently a country or French provincial style blue, which I hate! My style is a bit more hamptons with an industrial edge so the inside is light and bright.

I’m thinking either black or dark gray, like monument. Worried black will be too severe and that gray will not work with the creamy tender. Photos attached - would value your thoughts!

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    Dr Retro House Calls

    What a charming home - I actually quite like the warm mustard render contrasting with the deep blue. If your style is "Hamptons with an industrial edge" it is really at odds with the exterior Tuscan style. Painting the trim is not going to make it look like a Hamptons style home. I think you need to also paint the render, probably a white or soft grey, which would be a pity as it has a lot of aged character.

    If you decide you want to keep the render I would be looking at the deep olive greens which will work better with the render than the blues, but it won't make it Hamptons style due to the heavy masonry construction. Architecture style is more about the building materials and forms than the colour of the paint, so I always try to work with colours that complement the existing style rather than try and make it into something else.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls

  • aliback
    Thanks for that. I’m not planning to paint the render and am happy to stick with the Tuscan style exterior - just want to get rid of the blue which feels a bit ‘country’ and twee to me!

    Helpful comments - I hadn’t thought of green.
  • aliback
    This is the kind of look I had in mind - although I realise my render is darker and yellower than that.
  • me me
    I love the blue, looks good with the landscaping and render.
  • julie herbert
    Love that photo you supplied, the black certainly adds a great look.
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    MB Design & Drafting

    Don't mind the render colour. Blue looks ok.

    I would probably go with white windows, posts, etc.

    The big thing I would recommend is focusing on the veranda beams posts. They look too skinny and a bit cheap skate.

    Hampton's and Tuscan style all seem to go with big posts, more like columns.

    You could frame around the existing posts and clad with fc sheet, add some 'capitals' or some trim and paint.