Bathroom accessories advice

February 21, 2019
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Hi Houzzers. Just getting to the end of our bathroom reno and wanted some advice on accessories and styling please. Mainly for a towel rack and where to put it.

Trying to achieve a modern day spa/relaxing look.

Also we have 3 young children so there are always towels around which need to be hung up to dry.

Not really interested in a heated towel rack- we have one in the ensuite and hardly ever use it.

I've looked online and on Houzz for ideas but there aren't many photos which show towel racks, or toilet paper roll holders, etc.

I have a wooden (teak I think) stool which I'll be putting in there. Not the one shown in the photo!

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  • cecblake

    I don't know why the rest of my post didn't show up or even my photos! Sorry.

  • PRO
    Hi! Is your post looking for towel rack ideas? I really love the idea of old ladders standing up against the wall for an easy towel rack, or you can get one of those coat hangers to attach on the back of a door or wall, I’ll attach some photos for reference
  • Lyn Huppatz
    With 3 young children you need something sturdy that won't topple over. Perhaps a visit to bathroom showrooms might give you some ideas.
  • oklouise

    do you have a stool for little ones to use to reach the handbasin for teeth cleaning and hand washing? we have a small painted chair, a freestanding timber towel rack for spreading out wet towels and a small three tier bamboo table for rolled up towels that are all easier for kids to reach and the natural finishes are a nice contrast to all the tiles

  • cecblake
    Thanks for your advice. I'm leaning towards the fixed option for the towel rail as I'm worried about my 4yo son climbing a ladder. Maybe something off centre over the bath that both adults and kids can reach? Maybe 2 or 3 separate rails? Not sure.

    Any other styling ideas? Thanks again.
  • cecblake
    oklouise, I have an open side cabinet which will go beside the vanity where I will store rolled up towels. So now it's to decide whether something free standing or on the wall to hang wet towels. As mentioned in my previous comment, I'm worried about my son climbing those bamboo ladders. Plus do towels dry ok with those from your experience? You obviously need to fold your towels for them to fit on the ladder so I'm wondering how effective are they? Thanks again.
  • cecblake
    oklouise, and yes we have an old painted wooden stool which my kids have used for years. I'll probably sand it down to natural wood as it's currently a faded pink! lol.
  • julie herbert
    Maybe hooks could be the answer, I have swapped our towel rail for something similar to these , the towels seem to dry better than folded on the rack, a small stool for your little ones as oklouise suggested is great so they can reach them and hang them up after use.