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Please help me choose which tiles. I have paralysis by analysis.

3 years ago

My 1960 timber house with orange terracotta roof and mixed hardwood floors throughout is finally get a bathroom upgrade. I removed a pink and blue bathroom with terrazzo floor. The new bathroom will be 1.6m deep and 2.5m wide with the door being on the long end and the vanity and overhead inbuilt mirrored cabinets being the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom. I wanted to add some interest to the bathroom without going overboard, so I have chosen patterned floor tiles. I just cannot choose which is best. The wall tile will be white matt and/or a light feature tile on one wall (maybe even all tiled walls if I do not tile the whole room). At this stage, I was intending to lay the "feature" tiles in a vertical stacked pattern. Whilst my house is 1960's, I am not keen to keep it in the mid-century theme, but perhaps have some references to the past via a funky wall clock, timber sideboard in lounge, some of the accessory colours chosen throughout. The house has a very neutral white wall colour. Whilst I love the greige etc right now, I prefer to have a long term colour as white on walls that will allow me to easily change accessories over time (I hate painting).

Getting back to the bathroom, whilst I don't want it to look 1960's pink/blues, I also don't want it to be a very modern bathroom in a house that still has timber white casement windows etc.

Option 1: I think this floor suits the era of the house the most. It also seems to match with more colours IMO (both warm and cool). However, it does have a bit of a dirty grey look to it and my best friend said it reminds him of fish scales, and I wonder how appealing it is to the wider market if I were to rent the place out. The smaller tiles around the main tile are possible towel colours. The tiles on the big tile are possible wall tile options. Not sure whether or not this tile will be dated in 10 years time.

Option 2: This tile is the safest option, but is not rectified and so will show more grout on floor (which I don't want). It also seems a bit boring to me, considering my bathroom is so small and it would be nice to have something a bit different in it.

Option 3: This tile seem a bit bluish to me (to me, it seems to be more suited to match cool colours only). However, I got the idea of it from a designer bathroom on this site that looked great. In that bathroom it was combined with the vanilla 50cm x 300cm vanilla brickart tile. I do have a concern with this tile that it may be more limited in what it will match with. I also wonder whether, because it couldn't pass as real terrazzo IMO, that it therefore date more quickly and in a few years time, may just look like an overly busy floor tile that says "late 2010's" era. It a fresh nice colour though and seems to be liked most by 2 of my non-designer friends. I like this tile, but I also have a fear that it will look too modern in my home, in which I have really tried to maintain a timeless base on which to add accessories.

Could you please help me out by stating which tile you think is best for my house and why?

Ignore the cream tiles in bottom of last photo. Photos were taken at a friend's house.



ignore cream tile in background..this is floor tile in friend's house where photo was taken.

OPTION 3: Above 2 photos.

Option 1 in photo. (Dolce vita Cemento from National tiles).
Option 2 in photos. Plain tile. Non rectified. From Beaumont tiles.
Option 3 in photos. Cooler colour? From Tile and Stone, Labrador, Qld

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