Do you value privacy or views? need plenty of opinions.

Anastasia marie
last year
last modified: last year

Hi all,

What's everyone's opinion on a master bedroom at the front of a house with a giant window? What sells better down the track privacy or open views? We're renovating and need advice.

CAVEAT - Can't move master. Views are average but all blocks around us a large so there's over 20 m between us and the neighbour directly opposite, we sit about 10m higher as well.

Personally we never have our curtains open because of privacy even though barely anyone can see in, but my mum who hates small blocks loves being able to look out on the street.

Considering adding a detached garage in front of the master as shown below but leave a few meters to create a nice garden and then convert the current garage to 1 car bay and the other half we'll integrate into the living room.

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