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screen door aesthetics...a dilemma

3 years ago

Does anyone have any tips for working around the less than pleasing aesthetic of a screen door? I'm not sure if this is a universal trend, but around Qld, most people choose not to include a screen on their front door anymore bc they spoil the designer doors that are now ubiquitous with new builds.


- It is completely impractical to leave your front door closed if you are trying to catch a skerrick of oxygen on a humid or simply damn hot Summer's day. In fact, our hallway will deliberately catch the southern breezes. We are not installing air con until we've lived in the house and we are not the kind to put it on below 34/35 degrees anyway. I'm not particularly good at dealing with flies if I simply leave the door open. Plus: small kids + open front door and no front fence is an obvious no no.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this tension between design and function or do you have any style tips that may lessen the impact on the front aesthetic? I'd really appreciate hearing from people who have actually dealt with this issue in our Qld climate.

Cheers and thanks again! I'm so grateful for any suggestions.

Colours haven't been determined yet, so there's still time to maybe tie in the screen colour to other trims..

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