Help me blend this ugly garage to the house

March 18, 2019
last modified: March 18, 2019

We purchased an ugly 80s brick beachhouse which we intend to make some cosmetic changes to. We've decided we'll bag, render or paint the bricks, paint roof tiles, deck at front, replace ugly fence.. .our dilemma is how do we tie in the garage to the house and make it look less like something tacked on without spending a fortune

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  • bellaveets

    Here's a photo

  • oklouise

    tiles don't last forever so consider a gable roof over the garage with new steel roofing and insulation for the whole house, keep the bricks original and add the verandah and cutting the fence pickets square, new paint and landscaping will give a fresh new look

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  • swich5
    I think it’s cute! You use ‘ugly’ way too generously, lol!

    Even just doing the roof colour would help, before you even consider or afford whatever you decide to do to the brick - could you match the roof to the colour bond colour on the garage? Would that help tie in? Then I’m sure you’d find your theme for the fence. And agreed - landscaping will make a world of difference; draw the eye away a little bit from just the stark house front. Happy renos!! Enjoy the beach.
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  • julie herbert
    Agree with the comments, cut top off the pickets, paint a dark colour( plants look fabulous against black etc) plant up the garden with lush plants, viburnum, magnolias, ornamental pears for a modern look, a deck sounds great to add to your outdoor space, remove swanes gold pencil pine as they are overpowering the house, do trims etc. in a darker colour, I think your garden age could blend in nicely
  • siriuskey

    I love the rustic picket fence, a bit of a Hamptons grey shingles classic look, wouldn't change them. Would you have any water views if you decked out over the garage?

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  • PRO
    The house and garage will ‘tie together ‘ if all the same colour way. Then add landscaping plan as suggested by Julie Herbert.
    An architect would help if you wanted to design further ‘down the track’.
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  • bellaveets

    thanks all for your suggestions. I will have a look at what it looks like once all painted same colour and some landscaping. We will be replacing the fence as we need it to be higher. Siriuskey, unfortunately no water views. Appreciate your help. Ciao

  • bellaveets

    Julie Herbert, sorry I didn't see your pictures. Great idea to perhaps leave the fence as is, paint it dark and grow some plants for privacy.

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