Windows Screaming 80s!

March 27, 2019
We have a home built in 1988 that is a real testament to the colour beige. We know we are going to be in this home for the next 30+ years and are dedicated to remodelling, because the interior is already updated and the location is great.

We are stuck though on how to modernise the facade when we have these 80s bay windows, beige brick and the round pillars. At present we feel like our house is a bit of a soulless box and not a great example of 80s architecture.

We have already changed the roof to Colorbond, re-tiled the balcony and added a much better balustrade.

We love the Hamptons look, so we’ve tossed around the idea of putting Scyon Linea weatherboards on the second story, rendering, painting...literally everything you can imagine. The windows are what really stumps us, but while ugly from the outside, they are actually a nice feature inside (and they are structurally fine) and we plan to add white shutters in time.

Any and all ideas welcome!! Please excuse the clutter in the pics, we have two young kids and two cattle dogs (which is why we have the temporary pool fence!)

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