Master Bedroom needs some TLC

Karina S
2 years ago

Over the past nine months (since we moved in) I have been living with what was already installed in the master bedroom. Now it's time to dress the windows myself and I suddenly find myself indecisive, and questioning everything.

We have west and east facing awning windows and double wide north facing picture windows. The master bedroom is at the front of the house and looks over the garden (which has a hedge that may or may not stay) and a semi busy suburb. The east facing window is right next to the front door.

Originally I was going to install double curtains to the floor : sheer curtains for privacy and block out for light and climate.

Now I am wondering if I should instead do ....

* short curtains (kind of like what is already there) ... or

* blinds (double with a sheer and block out) or ...

* leave the space under the window open for storage.

So curtains or blinds?

And if I do blinds what type?

I keep gravitating towards roman but I think that's because it's the only other type I know besides roller (which I am not overly enthusiastic about)

Photo taken recently (mid March). Tree currently gives a lot of privacy during the spring to autumn moves but it may not be staying (having someone inspect our garden as the previous owner has made some questionable botanical choices)


real estate photo


Taken after new carpets and painting was done (facing west)

Bedroom door leads straight into the entrance way and directly opposite the lounge room door (so no real privacy coming from that particular window)

Looking east towards the front entrance and driveway (front door sits about where the photo ends on the right)

Western end (looking towards the street)

Western end (looking towards neighbour's driveway and the street)

Western end of the picture window looking towards the street (early winter)

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