Is built in storage- a linen cupboard- a necessity to buyers/ renters?

Regency Cream
April 6, 2019
last modified: April 6, 2019

Hi, renovating a property that has no built in storage at present. There is room for built ins in the bedrooms but challenging to find a place for a built in linen closet anywhere in the house, without sacrificing space from a small room.

Question: Are built in storage such as linen closets important to prospective buyers or renters and make a property more appealing? Would you be happy to use a free-standing cupboard rather than built ins?

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  • me me
    I would prefer built ins. All else being equal I would choose the place with storage.
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    Dr Retro House Calls

    It depends on how informed your prospective buyers/tenants are. For anybody who has lived in a house with inadequate storage then having a linen cupboard will be an important factor. Some of these people may exclude consideration of your property if it doesn't have adequate storage, especially if it is a smaller home. However many people don't really look and think about how well a house works (or doesn't work) when looking, and many will probably not even realize it doesn't have a linen cupboard until they move in and are unpacking their towels!

    I would strongly recommend that you include a linen cupboard, even if it is a small one.

    Best of luck,

    Dr Retro

    of Dr Retro House Calls.

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  • Regency Cream

    Thank you, helpful advice. Would you know how common it is for small houses 1950's, 1960's era to not have originally had linen cupboards? And where would they have typically been located? I would think most people would expect a house to have a linen cupboard built in, and haven't come across many, looking at floor plans that don't have them.

  • legendaryflame
    In my experience, which admittedly isn't vast, linen cupboards are usually in hallways. I look at storage options when house hunting. If you can't find the room, could you make extra big built ins to compensate? I don't have a linen cupboard in this house. I store linen for each room in that room. Also you may perhaps consider a laundry storage cupboard?
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  • Regency Cream

    Yes, I've found them to be in hallways, occasionally bathrooms. It seems this house never had a linen cupboard. There's no evidence of it. Very small space. It had an external laundry, may possibly have been there. Yes, place has high ceilings so could make an extra large, floor to ceiling built in robe in the bedroom. I think this is confirming what I thought, that it's unappealing for there to be no dedicated linen cupboard. In your situation without a linen cupboard, where do you store other items such as vacuum cleaner etc? I always used a linen cupboard for other house hold items, not just linen.

  • annb1997

    I would definately want a linen closet, no matter the size. Something is better than nothing. Typically they were in hallways, even in homes of that era. They also either had a broom closet, or people stored their broom and dustpan in the space next to fridge. A tall free-standing cupboard with space on one side for storing broom/vacuum would be very beneficial. Might need to attach to wall to keep it from tipping forward. Have you checked Bunnings and IKEA to see what’s avail and dimensions?

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  • annb1997

    Can you include in kitchen a narrow broom/vacuum cupboard? Even one that can accomodate a stick vacuum would be good.

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  • Regency Cream

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. Yes, Ikea and other stores have freestanding cabinets that need to be secured to a wall. Smallest dimensions are 30cm x 30cm - which is very goodm but unfortunately there is no space in the kitchen, the area is very tight. A downside to walls being taken out to open up the space between living and dining areas has meant any wall space where a cupboard could have gone is no longer there. Am working out where I may be able to recess into the wall for a narrow, bookshelf deep linen cupboard, possibly this will have to be in the bedroom. My guess is they originally had a free standing cupboard/ armoire somewhere in the living room.

    Did some researching on for houses of similar size in the area and there are quite a few listed that have no linen cupboards- same issue, floor area too small to have accommodated one or renovations would have meant to make a room larger, they went without the linen cupboard. I'm seeing a few linen cupboards built into the lounge rooms- perhaps a cloak cupboard, and also next to built in wardrobes in main bedrooms.

    I've been thinking of building a utilities cupboard like you mention out on the back deck, though squeezing a 25cm tall narrow cupboard into the laundry space for broom and stick vacuum. seems do-able.