Ideas for this garden please

April 15, 2019

We have had to put concrete steps to our front entrance but now it looks very heavy.

Ideas please to soften this area

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  • julie herbert
    Hi P C,
    Looking great what you have done so far, all depends on what type of look you are after, ultra modern with sansivera, soft planting , grasses and add some strip lighting which always looks fabulous. Love the look so far.
  • annb1997

    What have you planted along the boundary fence...is is Box hedge? Also, what are the plants I see amongst the rocks under the verandah?

    Great suggestions from Julie. I assume you want to replace grass strip with plants, so definitely make this section part of the planting scheme. Similar plants or mass planting of same plants makes a huge impact in smaller spaces.

    Does the garden continue around side of house along boundary wall? If so, do you want to include this space in planting scheme?

  • P C
    No sorry, we are leaving grass strip probably the reason I posted this question as we need something near the concrete stairs to soften it.
    Had someone suggest large egg pots with Mongolia trees .. I guess I'm just looking for more options to choose from :)
  • julie herbert
    Maybe something like this on the corner of stairs could look gorgeous .
  • P C
    wow thank you very nice now what colour pots for us as we are going to paint our verandah railings a light colour
  • julie herbert
    Hi P C,
    Loving the look of white with lush plants, would look gorgeous against your fence colour, it would add a very stylish look and a bit different from the charcoal pots we see so often.
  • annb1997


    A metal garden sculpure placed in front of entry wall, and perhaps a bird bath behind the other wall might look interesting.

  • Kath Berg

    PC, is there some reason you are keeping the grass strip. You didn't answer about what was planted along the fence. I'd be putting vines there so they can be trimmed to stay narrow and grow up onto the fence railings. Where the grass is, I'd be putting a row of small bushes or decorative grasses. Which species depends on your climate and which was the house wall is facing.

  • lyndagoulden

    Like Kath Berg, I'm curious to know why you wish to keep the grass strip as it seems somehow out of balance. If it's to stay, the look might be enhanced with the addition of some painted base boards on the house.

    In your photos, 1 and 2, I notice large trees at each end of the section. With your entrance falling between these two, consider their scale and proportion in relation to your house frontage and how it is seen from the street. As you don't have any photos from this angle, it's a little hard to suggest what might be needed to give the best balance and eye appeal to passersby as well as to visitors coming to the front door.

  • juliekb26

    Depends what orientation you have, how much sun and shade. I'd enlist the help of a landscaper or contact your local nursery, they may be able to design for free if you purchase the plants from them. Would be good to hide the open side the house with plants and remove the grass strip

  • lily Pilly

    Definitely agree with the others that you should remove the grass strip and plant decorative grasses and perhaps agapanthus. Along the fence, a hedge would look really nice. Or you could go cottage with climbing roses, bulbs and daisies depending on the aspect. But whatever else you do get rid of that hideous grass strip.

  • dollydidditcom

    It depends on what the climate is like and the particular spot is like ie does it get harsh winds or hot sun? You could remove the grass and do a miniature clumping black bamboo as a feature plant closest to the balcony that is surrounded by a more lush understory of softer feathery leaf plants. The bamboo will draw the eye up and even provide some privacy. You can do the bamboo in pots too. Along the fence line, do some dark grasses. I'd go for dark plants to contrast with the colour of the house and fence.

  • tinashesydney
    Renovation ideas needed for garden and front?
  • Susan Clark

    That grass strip is going to be an absolute pain to maintain. Ditch it and you'll hide under the house and create a lovely soft feature with plantings. Think of something lightly scented, which could be quite lovely as you brush past. Loads of great ideas here.

  • Hayley Martin

    Look for Australian (if in Australia) Landscaping ideas using keywords such as (walkways, low maintenance, succulent plants or succulent garden)

  • P C

    Thanks all for the contributions really appreciate it. Sorry should've sent a better perspective of the path ... excuse the mess we were cleaning up!

  • julie herbert
    Looks fab P C you have really done such a lot of work, love what you have done, grass softens the look.
  • P C
    Thank you! any more ideas of how we can improve the look of the stairs... they look a bit heavy dont they
  • julie herbert
    I think if you put a fab pot it will soften the stairs but otherwise it looks great
  • Hayley Martin

    Perhaps you can paint the exterior walkway a softer colour?

  • PRO

    The idea for the lighting in the first comment is super cool, I would also recommend some string lights for the space. I think they would look awesome. And some solar lighting to light up the path. Cheers!