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Florian P
April 21, 2019
last modified: April 21, 2019

Some time ago I signed for an off-the-plan apartment (Twenty-something floor), including modifying the floorplan to fit better with my preferences. As an unintended side effect (i.e. not something that I asked for), the laundry morphed from a cupboard to a separate laundry room (went along with it, as I do see some benefits)

The meeting to decide colour schemes and other details is coming up and the developer sent through a new floorplan (attached, without colour boxes on it). It’s pretty much the same as the last one I got before signing the contract (the one with furniture shapes on it, another Advice question to come….), with the only really noticeable difference that the laundry grew by 10cm in length reducing the size of the ‘living & study’ area (and a missing dishwasher, but that’s another story). The space is also differently configured, changing from a galley style to a L-style setup.

Probably not much that can be done about the size increase (due to developer discretion with off-the plan apartments, I guess), but I was trying to figure out whether to push for another change to the joinery and plumbing setup.

Practical considerations: It will be a one-person household, and I live since years perfectly fine without a dryer (or ironing board), so will only have one appliance (maybe get a washer+dryer combo just in case). I would like more storage and preferably add some clothes rail/rod/rack sturdy enough for multiple shirts on hangers, etc over the benchtop. No real use for the sink.

My current thinking is to shift the sink back into the other corner, have the WM setup right next to it galley-style, but keep the L-shaped benchtop and the overhead cupboard as in the new configuration.

Additionally, I had thought about replacing the door with a sliding pocket door (well, if that fits), or at least change the opening direction into the hallway, with the hinge still on the same side. Not really fazed by change in hallway appearance (at least I think so), but thought it might make the small space easier to use.

Any thoughts or suggestions ?

Oh, and of course hope that everyone had a great Easter Weekend ;-)

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