Colour scheme around pool

Lou Walker
April 22, 2019

We are replacing the timber decking around the pool with tiles. We are going to keep the existing coping which when cleaned will be a creamy colour. Looking for ideas for colour of tile for rest of surrounds. Should I keep the timber deck theme in the cabana or tile that too. We are removing the plants between the cabana and pool, they don't add anything in fact they are a hindrance.

Should I keep the existing fence white or paint it a different colour. The capping is going to be replaced with a cement render so it will have to be repainted anyway. Thoughts on a tile on that main back wall, yes or no?

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  • PRO
    MB Design & Drafting

    Wall paint in charcoal, sandstone tiles to replace decking. Use genuine stone and seal it before and after laying.

    Could keep the right hand side decking to break up the expanse of same material.

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  • PRO
    Mayfair Building Group

    Yes certainly i would consider changing the colour of the wall, my concern is the glare from how bright it is??

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  • Anna E
    We have ivory travertine pavers, I think they would go quite well with the coping tile. And I agree that a dark colour for the wall would look good.
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