furniture Layout ideas please

April 23, 2019

Good evening everyone,

We have recently purchased our first family home, and sold majority of our furniture during the move.

was just wondering if the brains trust of this site could please shed light on some furniture layout ideas for the odd shaped lounge room?

Thank you all in advanced,

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  • bigreader
    Congratulations on the move. Do you need a TV in the front room? What will the room be used for? Will you have curtains or blinds on the windows, I’m assuming the windows are full length?
  • bigreader
    Ps Do you need two eating areas?
  • me me
    Are you planning on doing any renovations? I know someone who turned that dining area into a butlers pantry as part of a kitchen reno. They just put a wall accross where it joins the lounge room.
  • dreamer
    Hi Mitchell, congrats on home purchase. But, I would like to say, this is not an 'odd' set up. Most 1970 to 1990 homes are this plan, and have functioned extremely well for lots of families. I have attached some photos that show you a layout that would work. You could also use the dining room as a reading nook or study if required, and use the family meals for your dining room.
  • PRO
    Pleased to Bijou Design

    Hi Mitchell,

    Nice one on the finding your first proper home! How exciting to start with a blank canvas of sorts :) The other commenters so far have fair points re. intended use for the space and future renovation plans. I wouldnt rush into moving any walls for a while until your family gets a good feel of the place. Temperature/sunlight/traffic flow/recreational needs all play a part and can take a year or two to establish properly. But I digress! Without seeing photographs of the space, from the floor plan info, I would recommend to a client to set up an entertainment hub of sorts backing onto to the kitchen wall for now, with soft furnishings facing the area in an Lshape in front (but not against) the windows (unless there is an especially good view out of them). A large table in the dining nook will get plenty of use, whether for dining or just a cosy corner for sewing/homework/art etc. Enjoy getting to know your new home!!