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Modernising a 90yr old California Bungalow WITHOUT losing its charm

5 years ago
Need help! We are planning to renovate our 90 yr old California Bungalow by brightening up the walls and ceilings. We will also be extending this single storey house and to add new contemporary style to living room and kitchen.

The house was extended in 1990s so you will see the oldest part of the house with dark wood trim, doors and windows, which we intend to matt polish a bit and keep them dark.

The newer part has lighter wood colour trim and windows and we plan to stain them to unify with the older part.

We intended to paint the walls Dulux 1/4 Mt Aspiring / Ceiling Light grey. Does it make sense at all?

The fireplace is in living room and we plan to modernise the area and use Shaker Style kitchen + Island Bench with very light (1/4 Mt Aspiring). However, looks like there is a clash?

Any suggestions pls?

Appreciate any kind of comment . Million THANKS!!

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