Terracotta and green

Kathryn Henderson
May 12, 2019

Hi all, I really want to combine terracotta and green in my guest bedroom as Paint colours on the wall.

id love a feature wall in terracotta. I have a black iron bed which I think looks really good against the terracotta colour. I’m not sure if it will work however looks good on paper although not sure if it would be the right shade of green.

. Thoughts appreciated.

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  • dreamer
    Get some sample pots and paint on large pieces of paper, or the actual wall. Tape the paper to the walls and see what you think.
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  • MC Hamilton
    Terracotta is a warm colour so need to find a green that is also warm. Paint shop should be able to help, then as already suggested put up big samples on paper and look at it at different times of the day. Hopefully one will speak to you!!
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  • Kathryn Henderson

    Thank you both, I’m loving the green in the pic. Our house is Victorian so those colours speak volumes. The room is a little dark which is why I was looking for a lighter shade of green.

  • juliahocking

    Hi Katherine

    You have chosen a strong terra colour and with the black bed frame that looks really good

    I agree with the other comments that an equally strong grey/green would compliment your chosen colour

    Alternatively, have you considered just using the green as accents in the room - lamp shade, cushions, floor rug - maybe a tropical theme would emerge!

    Also lots of plants

    Have fun

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  • siriuskey

    Hi Kate Your Terracotta wall is very on trend and a great colour.

    I find the green is two strong a colour and I would prefer a very soft grey, not blue.

    I think your carpet is grey? so that's another reason for me not to add another colour

    I do love the idea of the rust coloured paint for the bedhead wall (see link)

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  • PRO
    Anatoly Patrick Architecture

    Terracotta and green are opposites on the color wheel so work well together but I agree with Siriusky, that a greyed or sagey green would be gentler - and love the examples Siriusky has given. White will also help to offset the warmth of the terra-cotta and keep it crisp and fresh. And my other suggestion is that one wall is enough if you are going for terra-cotta paint, otherwise the room could get a bit dark. Alternatively use terra-cotta in the bedcover like the photo above, for great visual impact, but low commitment in terms of easier to change down the track than a repaint.

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  • Kathryn Henderson

    Appreciate all the suggestions thanks so much. Playing around with some paint pots now, I loved the burnt orange but was to orangey for the effect I’m after.

    The terracotta would only be a feature wall as the room recieves very little light in the afternoon So need to offset with a colour that doesn’t zap to much light from the room.

    will try the sand 1/2 strength, it is such a lovely colour.

    I will be using an almost all white bed cover which will help with lightning the room.

  • cloudpants

    Look how the greenery outside sits so beautifully with this dusky terracotta colour... Plus the black window trim is representative of your bed frame.

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  • bigreader
    I’d paint the whole room terracotta. If you need a contrast the darker greens suggested look great. The current green just isn’t a match, too different in intensity.
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  • Souzette Lovell

    what climate are you in, and what effect are you trying to achieve - warmth, freshness, comfort? all will dictate the shade of green. EG a fresh pale hue of green may be good for a hot climate, a darker shade of warm green will work for a cold climate. A vibrant tropical green - well I don't know where this would fit, but it could be interesting depending on the lighting......

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  • Kathryn Henderson

    Hey Souzette thanks for your input. I live in Sydney Australia so beautiful climate.

    im trying to achieve a room you can get lost in, somewhere relaxing for our guests.

    Id like bring a little of the outdoors in.

  • Souzette Lovell

    Hi Kathryn, I like the photo cloudpants uploaded - how about taking inspiration from the sydney bush around you - if you can take a photo of a suitable terracotta colour in the bush and a soft australian bush green you will bring the outdoors in (eg eucalyptus green) - adjust hue of the colours to suit the amount of natural light in the room/ particular walls. If the room/wall receives a lot of direct sunlight, you can add a muddier colour. If the room/wall is dim and never receives sunlight it can handle a more saturated pure colour. Hope this helps....

  • Kathryn Henderson

    Having some fun with paint pots.

  • Alisa D

    I would recommend painting all the walls the same colour and make the soft furnishings on the windows green.

  • julie herbert

    Hi Kathryn, fabulous colours, love black and sage with terracotta, what a fabulous room it will be.

  • amonymousanne

    Julie ,That last green looks better than the original one . Nice and not dingy .