Rejig floorplan for family peace! Limited budget

10 months ago
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Hi everyone,

We built this house (on the cheap) 20 yrs ago prior to kids and now I am wishing we had allocated spaces differently.

My husband I live here with a 15 yr old son (currently living in Bed 3)

and 10 and 13 yr old daughters (currently living in Bed 2)

I was philosophically in favour of siblings sharing bedrooms but my daughters are testing me and each other. I am wondering about moving some walls to create a better plan for our family. I have no idea whether my ideas are expensive or feasible or just silly.

My thoughts are:

1. Move the wall between Study and Bed 3 to even the spaces a little. Study would then become a bedroom

2. Swap cupboard and doorway in Study so that room doorways are next to each other, and doorway of newly created bedroom would not open directly into public space near atrium.

3. Get rid of hallway door currently near study. Although this has been useful for soundproofing TV sounds from living room there would be too many doors otherwise.

4. Move cupboard in Bedroom 2 to wall adjacent Bed 1 (for soundproofing!)

5. Build a long desk against half height wall in room labelled rumpus to act as study. Would need to keep access to heating vent clear as all our clothing dries there in Winter!

Here is our current floorplan and some photos...

*The stairs go down to a large rumpus room (8x4) with access to the garden so the room labelled as rumpus is a bit of a nothing room.

*Our bedroom is huge but can't really use any of that space for anything else due to stair position.

*Our current study contains all household paperwok and computer and was intended for kids to use laptops there but they tend to be in dining room to do homework. (No phones or computers allowed in bedrooms)

What are your thoughts?

This view shows doorways of Bedroom 1 and 2 adjacent to stairs

Room labelled rumpus room currently (from other direction)

View from entry/living towards current study

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