Help with this study/library corner

Luke Hamlin
June 25, 2019

I posted this in the wrong place so try again...

There is a inset cavity thing in my bedroom with a couple of cheap shelves with a few ornaments displayed but I want to make it a bit of a place to study or to read etc... Ive got a about 15 big old style books (about A4 and 1inch thick) to have on display somehow in the mix too. the cavity goes up to the ceiling so there is room for some down lights.
I was thinking of one shelf at the height of the chair that came out flush with the edge of the wall and use that as a desk. then have a series of shelves to the side and above that to fit several interesting items and other books (kind of like a mini library... the books are about A5 size 1/4 inch thick and are all leather bound or dark textured hard covers. there is about 50 of these).
under the desk shelf, perhaps an old box to fit the theme and be repurposed for storage/rubbish bin etc...
thought of painting the walls inside here charcoal as the other wall and have a little lamp on the desk..

please help! gladly welcome any suggestions!!

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