Where should we put the toilet in this small bathroom?

July 15, 2019
last modified: September 12, 2019


My kids' bathroom is about 2,560mm long x 1,830mm wide, so small.

It used to look like this:

Our option 1 to renovate is to keep this basic setup., (note floor to ceiling tiles will be going in w no cornice but square set ceiling)

So a 1200 vanity unit (as the old one above is), but it will be floating (300 above floor) then bench at 900 then 400mm splashback then shaving cabinets. Bath shower against one wall and then where you can see that blue clothes basket , it represents a clear space which along with the floating vanity makes the room appear bigger.

Here is the partly renovated room right now partly started. the only difference is we want to squeeze in a toilet as pictured (you will note the windown has been cut down as well, it will meet the bath height)

In the above image we think there is enough room to dry off as you step out as A) the old bathroom was that way and B) the toilet above at 660mm protrusion (see caroma urbane drawing) would not protrude further than a fixed glass panel.

Also in the space above btw vanity and bathroom, the wife wishes to place towel rails so its easy to grap as you step out. I think we should leave that wall space clear to show off the floor to ceiling tiles but either way this option 1 leaves space on that wall for towel rails.

We think we can fit in a toilet roll holder below as well, 200mm gap either side of toilet

The purple below is the door

Toilet represented by the green image above is a Caroma Urbane Clean Flush as pictured below.

In the 750mm gap btw the bath and architrave, i would space it out as follows

200 gap > 350mm toilet > 200 gap [Bath]

My other toilet has a space of only 220 on one side and its fine. Alternatively i move it another 50-100mm towards the door because when the door is shut there is plenty of space on one side, and i would further distnace the toilet from the glass panel of the bath (for see image 1,2,3 above for images of the old bath and glass panel)

by plenty of space with the door shut i repeat image 6 above


Toilet between vanity and bath, vanity reduces from 1200 long to 1000.

My wife thinks this option is better after originally preferring the above

note the first image should say option 2 not 1

The purple below is the door

part of the reason , is the yellow line and purple lines below

The purple below is the door

there is concern (not mine) that w option 1 there will not be enough floor space to dry off. So by moving the toilet to the same wall as the vanity and window we leave an area for this task. (to the left of the yellow arrow above)

My concern is

  • that window side wall is now crowded, in option 1 there is the feeling of space as there is a gap of open floor to ceiling space btw vanity and bath which along w a floating vanity provides a sense of space to a small room.
  • The toilet is sort of hidden off to the side of the door .

What do people think here? option 1 vs 2 or not even try to cram a toilet in?

house is currently a single storey 4 x 2, with the separate toilet connected to the laundry, this additional toilet would make it a 4x3.

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