Laundry room vs laundry cupboard?

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Hi everyone,

I'm building a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2-car space duplex on each side. Approximate 160sqm internal in each duplex.

Is it better to have a Laundry room or a Laundry closet?

Having a laundry room would mean a diagonal short hallway, to maximise the floorspace of the laundry room and the walk in pantry. The only downside I see with this, is a diagonal hall (although not very long). Please see image 1.

The alternative I see, is having a laundry closet, which opens up the space but has no cordoned off space to hide dirty clothing etc, when guest come and visit. Please see image 2.

Image 3 shows the configuration of the split level front room and the lower level kitchen, dining, living, pantry and 3rd bathroom.

I'm also considering reducing the length of my living room from 5.4m to 5m. Such that I have an extra 0.4m to add to the walk in pantry length, and have the width of my laundry room, so it is more spacious. Is this a good idea?

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