Ugly house needs love!

last year

Please help! We have an ugly house desperately needing some love. We are planning a large scale renovation and extension out the back but would love some advice regarding the front. We’re hoping to build a garage (if the budget allows it) and have spent quite a lot of effort clearing huge overgrown shrubs and trees from the front (work in progress). I’d like to stay away from anything too modern as it will stand out too much in our very sleepy traditional street. And I don’t want to have to re-do it 10 years down the track. Thoughts?

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  • JE C
    last year

    Hi, will the garage go where the carport is now?

  • Kimley Vacher-Dring
    last year
    last modified: last year

    I actually think it is a bit of a cutie lightly disguised. I like the proportions of the windows.

    Trim details on carport gable need to go - don't fit with the simple lines. I do like the curved sweep of the stairs, although there needs to be a better sense of arrival: a nice path and some landscaping at front. Perhaps freshening up the pergola as it looks a bit blah! If in good condition, paint could give it a little lift. If not, perhaps a different choice of porch covering it needs to be simple, clean lines.

    A different main colour on the house would make a huge difference. Are the roof tiles terracotta in need of a good clean? Bit hard to tell from the photo. I do love how charcoals and greys can offset terracotta colours, and white trim can look so crisp against such colours - like a good, classic suit. Possibly a lovely dark blue? And a colourful door to make it pop.

  • Natalie
    Original Author
    last year

    Thanks Kimley. Not sure about the tiles but I’m pretty sure they’re grey. The patio is a terracotta colour so who knows? Whatever colour we do pick has to go with white. The windows are brand new.

    JE C, we’d love the garage to be attached with an internal access. It’s currently at a weird angle to the but if we did move it we’d have a crooked driveway too.

  • Susan McGuire
    2 months ago

    Painting the outside of the house a different colour, adding some more plants in the front garden and getting the roof professionally cleaned and repaired will make a big change.

  • Chris Cotton
    2 months ago

    Does your roof need a clean? It looks like there may be mould darkening the colour. I agree about painting the house a lighter colour. Keep away from yellows. Perhaps light grey? You could do the painting yourselves. It’s not hard. Clean the surfaces first, let dry for a couple of weeks. Don’t pressure clean, or if you do, keep a few metres away from the walls to avoid damage. I would take down the pergola and the uprights in the front. They’re of no use and add to maintenance. A pretty tree in the half circle. Maybe a Japanese maple? Make the curved stairs a feature with very dark grey steps. Have you considered a deck out from the verandah? If not, a hedge of flowering shrubs? Good luck 🙂

  • Julie Herbert
    2 months ago

    I think painting your trims and pergola black would really highlight your bricks and white window frames, some clever landscaping and a garage when budget allows you will have a lovely house.