Help me choose rugs, cushions and decorative pieces please!

Nada A
10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

I recently purchased the furniture in the photos, as well as the blue trellis rug. I am not sure if it matches or if it is too small. I am thinking of moving it under the dining table and buying a new rug for the living area but not sure what colours/pattern will match. I also need a new tv unit and some cushions to match whatever rug I intend on buying or maybe will just add to the cushions I have now but would like to add more colour as it seems too dull and boring for me at the moment. And should I get a white tv unit to match the nesting tables I have or get rid of those tables all together and get something in a different finish? Also any suggestions on what to put on the lamp tables? What kind of table lamp? The house is a rental so can't put anything on the walls.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions! Thank you in advance.

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