Granny flat instead of extending?

Tammy Lee
11 months ago

We have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. All rooms are quite small and main bathroom is tiny. We have 4 children and are quickly running out of room. Recently got quoted $320K to add a first storey (master, sitting area, en-suite, WIR and renovation to existing main bathroom). This is out of reach for us. Now wondering if adding a granny flat at the front of the house and connecting it to main house might be an option. Any thought or advice? Any idea of what $$ we may be looking at to do this? Also had a thought that maybe we could build a double garage and add granny flat/main bedroom bathroom on top of this........can’t really picture how any of this might work or look? Added photo of our house at front - the garage door you see actually has our kitchen behind it from previous extension done and is where I’m thinking we could add something.

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