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10 months ago
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Hi all,
We are in the process of designing an extension to our 80's brick home in Qld. The front of the house faces north. As you can see our current home plan has a small kitchen and dining which is not functional and quite dark. We are wanting an additional loungeroom and a kitchen and dining area functional for a family of 5 who love entertaining. We are undecided on whether to have the attached carport at this stage. We love what the architect has achieved with the rest of the plan but would love some advice on the kitchen, family and dining area. We have been given 2 plans from our architect and generally they perform well. Both proposals lack a pantry though, I don't require a walk in pantry but definitely require one suitable to a family of 5 who love cooking. Something our current house doesn't have either (nor an oven!).
Option B performs better with interior and exterior aesthetics and letting in northern light but the family room is seperate. With the other loungeroom being seperate we would be looking at having a family more open plan. The kitchen layout doesn't flow well with the walkway being where the dishwasher and sink are but think this could be tweaked. We would also look to extend the patio to the laundry and this roof be able to let in light.
Option C works well as an open plan area but the exterior and roofline are quite boring and the area would remain dark. We do love that the patio extends to the laundry too. We fell in love with the existing house as it had an interesting roofline, skillion with highlight windows etc but this plan removes all interest. We understand that the existing roofline also restricts what can be done.
Leaning towards option B and maybe flipping things around?? Any advice or alternatives would be greatly appreciated. A new set of eyes may be all it needs.
Many thanks, Tiessa

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