Carpet Dilemma- Cashmere Touch Carpet

Mohammad Taifur Rahman
September 14, 2019

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. This is my first post so if I am posting this in the wrong section please feel free to move to the right place.

My house is now under construction and now we are in a state to choose our flooring as we decided to take out flooring from the builder. We plan to put carpet in our bedrooms and theatre so started looking for “Solution Dyed Nylon” carpet. Today I was introduced with “Cashmere Touch” by carpet court. They said this carpet is made by “nysoft” which is a new technology of carpet fibre and better than “Solution Dyed Nylon”. This carpet feels very soft and so comfortable comes with 6 star rating and 20 years warranty and affordable price wise.

Now I am really confused and asking for expert reviews. It would also be great to have review from someone who is currently using this carpet.


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